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26.95 CHF


Ideal for smaller areas such as:
– Cars
– Domestic Bins
– Smaller Bathrooms
– Smaller rooms (5m²)
– Litter Box or Cage

Delivery within 2-6 Working days.

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Our complex unique formula of essential oils and industrial strength guarantees 100% success and is THE solution for your odor problem. Our products are for private and commercial use. Ecotrif NeuTri Plate is safe to use around people, pets and plants.


Open the pouch and remove the protective film from the plate. Position the plate where you want it. Depending on the surface, the sticking may decrease. Ideal effect with air circulation.



May cause an allergic skin reaction. We recommend to wear gloves.
If you have very small areas or the smell is not strong, you can cut the plate in half and put the other half back into the sealable bag. Use the other half when the effect of the first has worn off.


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