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Ideal against bad smells caused by liquids substances such as:
– Sewage treatment plan
– Chemical toilets (Toi toi)
– Camper toilets

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Our complex unique formula of essential oils and industrial strength guarantees 100% success and is THE solution for your odor problem. Our products are for private and commercial use. Ecotrif Neutri Fluid is the solution for odors caused by liquids substances.

– Prevents deposits on the inside of the flushing water tank
– With every flush, fresh, pleasant scent
– Cleaning and maintenance of rubber seals and plastic parts
– Drives away unpleasant odors
– Prevents scale and lime build-up
– Eco-friendly
– 100% organic substances


Approx. 50 ml Inhitone should be used per 10 liter flushing water tank volume.



May cause an allergic skin reaction. We recommend to wear gloves.


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